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A Party Without a Cake

Is Just a Meeting!

Have you ever wondered why weddings, birthdays, gender reveals and graduations all have cakes in them? For ages, cakes have been part of the most important celebrations in the world. Although historians can't agree on the specific source of celebratory cakes, one thing is for sure, cakes have come to be the #1 symbol of celebrating special moments with special people.

Our Job? To make sure that every time you celebrate a special day, you and those you love, can enjoy an unforgettable and delicious treat. 


We believe cakes are a piece of art, as beautiful as they are delicious. We love watching a newly married couple cut into their wedding cake, or the look on a child's face when he sees his favorite character turned into a birthday cake. These are the moments that inspired XoXo Cake Creations, and that allow us to creatively make more special moments happen every day!

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